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We established “Cross Border M&A Division [CBD]” in April 2013, also opened Singapore Office in April 2016. By expanding our largest M&A network in Japan to overseas, a lot of cross border M&A deals have been successfully completed with our professional supports since we established.Our experienced team is ready for you to support getting into [withdrawing from] overseas market, or getting into Japanese market through friendly M&As.

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The contents of our cross border M&A service

Cross border M&A advisory services
(Valuation / Deal structuring / Deal execution etc.)

  • Supporting Japanese company to acquire foreign company (In-Out)
  • Supporting acquisition of Japanese company (Out-In)
  • Supporting divesture of overseas subsidiary (Out-In/Out)
  • Sourcing of strategic partner or acquisition target

Example of our cross border M&A supports

  • Full support of going to thailand and Singapore by M&A
  • Divesture support of withdrawal from China, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh
  • Introduction of Japanese seller to foreign investor
  • Full support of going in Vietnam and Indonesia by M&A
  • Deal structuring and execution support for acquisition of Korean company
The number of cross border M&A deals we support is increasing in recent year.
FY Seller Buyer
2016 Cafeterias,restaurants


Funeral services JPN
2016 Construction company


Construction company JPN
2016 Electronic component assembly


Electronic component assembly HK, CHN
2015 IT systems industry


IT systems industry JPN
2015 Printing


Printing JPN
2015 Plastic-related products manufacturing


Plastic-related products manufacturing JPN
2015 Semiconductor-related manufacturing industry


Industrial equipment manufacturing industry JPN
2015 PC-related product sales


Investing company JPN
2014 Semiconductor components manufacturer


Investing company JPN
2014 Equipment manufacturer PRC Equipment manufacturer JPN
2014 Machinery manufacturing KOR Machinery manufacturing JPN
2014 Film processor PRC, HK Investing company JPN
2014 Metal processing THA Metal processing JPN
2014 Metal processing Indonesia Investing company JPN
2013 Metal processing PRC, HK, THA, VN Metal processing JPN
2013 Printing industry PRC, HK Apparel manufacturer JPN
2013 Metal processing PRC, HK Metallic component trader JPN
2013 Metal processing Indonesia PME manufacturer JPN
2012 Packaging material trader PRC, HK, THA Packageing material manufacturer JPN
2012 Machinery manufacturing KOR Machinery manufacturing JPN
2012 Machinery trader PRC, VN Equipment manufacturer JPN
2012 Manufacturer and Distributor of toys USA Apparel manufacturer JPN
2012 Wholesale distributor
(Cosmetic products)
USA Investing company JPN
2012 Apparel manufacutere PRC, HK, Bangladesh Apparel trader JPN
2012 Food manufacturer Singapore, THA Food manufacturer JPN
2011 Metal processing THA Plastic mold THA
2010 Film processor JPN Investing company PRC
2010 Information service USA Information service JPN
2010 Electronic component assenbly PRC, HK, Malaysia Out sourcing company JPN
2008 Metal processing JPN Investing company PRC

About Nihon M&A Center

The largest independent M&A firm in Japan

  • Specializes in supporting friendly M&A among SMEs.
  • Holds huge M&A information volume because of the M&A information networks nationwide.
  • Is completely independent from any other companies and listed on TSE 1st.
  • Has produced approximately 3,500 M&A deals closed in the last 26 years which grows highly trained consultants.
Company name Nihon M&A Center Inc.
Headquarters location 24F TEKKO BUILDING
1-8-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
Established/capital April 1991 / 1.2 billion yen
Description of business M&A brokerage services, M&A support services (reorganization, capital policies, MBO, PMI etc.)

Chairman Yasuhiro Wakebayashi, President Suguru Miyake


Tokyo Headquarters, Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch, Fukuoka Sales Branch, Sapporo Sales Office, Singapore Office

Employees (consolidated)

Approx. 280 (as of March 2017)

Market listings

Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (2127)

Affiliated companies

Corporate Value Laboratory Inc.
Japan Private Equity Co, Ltd
Yano Research Institute Ltd

latest achievement

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Person in charge

Yoshihiro Yasumaru

General Manager Overseas M&A support office,
Nihon M&A Center Inc.

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