Investment in South Korean M&A Intermediary Company, Korea M&A Exchange co., LTD

Nihon M&A Center Holdings Inc. announces that its subsidiary Nihon M&A Center Inc. (hereinafter, Nihon M&A Center / Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President: Suguru Miyake / URL: has decided to invest in Korea M&A Exchange co., LTD (hereinafter, Korea M&A Exchange / located in Seoul, South Korea / CEO: Chang-hun Lee / URL:


Purpose of investment

Korea M&A Exchange provides M&A intermediary and consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the rapidly growing demand in the Korean M&A market. It collects M&A information by utilizing its nationwide and international networks, as well as by publishing M&A information in major economic newspapers. It organizes a network of over 1,000 experts and 330 financial institutions, accounting firms, and other entities. Being certified by the Korean government as a M&A research institute to develop an M&A intermediary system, it has built a credibility as a highly reliable support institution, experiencing a growing number of inquiries. It is the only platform company in South Korea, with the largest information database regarding SME M&A.

Nihon M&A Center Group has been expanding its overseas business in the five major ASEAN countries since the opening of its Singapore office in 2016, followed by the establishment of bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, developing its M&A network with local financial institutions and accounting firms. It also collaborates with M&A boutiques around the world through the World M&A Alliance, focusing on cross-border M&A.

By leveraging its management knowledge and experience, Nihon M&A Center Group is taking its first step in expanding its business in East Asia through its contribution to the growth of Korea M&A Exchange. Nihon M&A Center Group aims to contribute to the growth of Japanese companies as well as the development of the Asian economy by supporting In-Out M&A deals (Japanese companies entering Korea) and Out-Out M&A deals (Korean companies entering ASEAN).

Comment by Masahiko Otsuki, Managing Director of Nihon M&A Center


With a birth rate of 0.72, South Korea is facing the challenges of an aging population and a shortage of successors in businesses, just like Japan. Through our investment in Korea M&A Exchange, which operates under the same mission as Nihon M&A Center Group, we aim to assist Korean companies to continue and prosper. Additionally, we strive to support In-Out and Out-Out M&A deals not only in the five major ASEAN countries where we already have a presence but also in the broader East Asian region. Our goal is to become a bridge in Asia and facilitate M&A activities, fostering growth and connectivity across the region.

【Korea M&A Exchange】
Company name:Korea M&A Exchange co., LTD (한국M&A거래소)
Location of headquarters:KTV Building 16F, 66, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Established in:2014
Business description:Provision of information on companies through M&A platform operation
              M&A advisory services

【Nihon M&A Center Holdings Inc. (TSE Prime Market: 2127)】
Company name:Nihon M&A Center Holdings Inc.
Location of headquarters:24F TEKKO BUILDING 1-8-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business description:Business management, etc. of the group companies
Established in:April 1991
Bases:Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Okinawa, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand (Including subsidiaries and bases of Nihon M&A Center)

【Nihon M&A Center Inc.】
Based on its management principle to “assisting companies to continue and prosper through M&A” Nihon M&A Center is a leading company in the mergers and acquisitions field, with a track record of over 8,500 M&A support transactions since its foundation. While strengthening the partnership with accounting firms, regional banks, megabanks and securities companies, it is reinforcing the matching capability by creating more opportunities for accessible business succession and M&A consultation. It currently has 7 domestic bases and 5 international bases, including local subsidiaries of Nihon M&A Center Holdings Inc.


◆Recognized by Guinness World RecordsTM◆
Best-selling mergers and acquisitions advisory company
(989 transactions in 2022)

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