Adoption by the Nihon M&A Center Group of SDGs

The Nihon M&A Center Group endorses the establishment of SDGs principles and adopts the goals

Genesis of SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are shared international goals which were chosen at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development held in September 2015. 17 were adopted.

Sustainable Development Goals

Contributing to widespread M&A services engagement and development to support the sustainable progress of society

Sustainable Development Goals 4,8,9,17

Our company’s M&A services provide an effective method for the sustainable development of society

M&A activity helps companies solve succession problems and to continue, securing employment opportunities.
Also, through synergies between sellers and buyers M&A leads to the creation of added value, technological innovation and economic growth.
Moreover, on a macro level M&A contributes to industrial reorganisation and efficiencies, while at the company level new investment and revitalisation of organisational structures can increase the motivation of the workforce.

As a leading M&A company we contribute to more widespread engagement and development of the industry

As stated above, M&A forms an effective tool for the development of society. The Nihon M&A Center Group does not merely give assistance for top class M&A. As a leading M&A service company we promote a higher awareness of the effectiveness of M&A in society, implementing ever better methodologies and structures through collaboration and partnerships in which we engage.
Moreover, we provide training for those involved in M&A services to ensure that we contribute in a sound way to more widespread engagement of M&A. In so doing we promote development of M&A skills and innovative services to increase the effectiveness of M&A.

Results of our work

  • Annual total of 1,146 completed M&A transaction mandates
  • Host and co-host M&A seminars and provide speakers (each year there are tens of thousands of participants at our seminars)
  • Promotion of M&A through alliances and creation of organisational structures with 90% of Japan’s regional banks, 80% of the Shinkin (credit union) banks and 1,021 accounting firms
  • Trained 30,000 people who successfully attained the M&A expert qualification
  • Accommodated a cumulative total of 400 or so secondees for M&A assignments
  • Support for SME cross-border M&A through establishment of an international division and overseas offices
  • Provision of the online M&A business succession matching service Batonz for small companies and micro enterprises

Support for local communities

Sustainable Development Goals 1,3,4,8,9,11,17

We support regional regeneration as we engage with areas of the country particularly impacted by severe business succession issues

It is estimated that unless something is done there will be a rapid increase in company closures of SMEs and micro enterprises, such that in the decade to 2025 there will be roughly a total of 6.5 million jobs lost and ¥22 trillion less GDP, with the burden felt particularly severely throughout the country’s provincial communities.
Once a company is closed and employees are made redundant there follow the problems of poverty and loss of opportunities for the education of their families.
Furthermore, once jobs are lost the regional economies shrink, then due to succession problems and the like it becomes difficult to sustain medical services and welfare, such that people struggle to continue to lead a life in that region.

By helping solve the problem of successors for companies Nihon M&A Center contributes to revitalisation and reconstruction of the regions.

Results of our work

  • The annual benefit to the economy through the preservation of companies resulting from M&A we have supported is ¥376.7 billion (¥3,005.5 billion over ten years) and the number of jobs preserved 29,007 (FY 2020)
  • In 2005 we established a Medical and Nursing Care Department with a team to engage specifically with regional medical and welfare related M&A, such that we now assist annually in nearly 50 M&A transactions in this sector.
  • We recognize the need to provide education for people involved regionally with M&A, so we at any given time accommodate over 30 secondees from regional banks from around the country
  • Our group company Japan Investment Fund Inc. strives "to nurture regional star companies"
  • Support for IPOs on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo Pro Market through our TPM Division

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