Corporate mission, purpose and philosophy

SMEs support the Japanese economy.
In today’s changing domestic markets our mission through M&A activity is to help companies continue and aim for further development of operations, employees and technology
The Nihon M&A Center Group believes it to be important for our employees to act in accordance with common values and general rules. We ensure that our employees are aware that our corporate principles are the basis for the culture of the organization, clarifying how this has a huge influence on all of our business activities.

Corporate mission

Assisting companies to continue and prosper through M&A

Our purpose

To connect hopes and dreams for the best M&A experience in Japan and then the world

Our Determination Expressed in Our Purpose

Many companies face tough challenges in management succession. Others struggle to realize organic growth. Our mission is to connect both parties through M&A and support them to continue and prosper. We work hard to sustain traditional brands and protect unique technologies, help them grow, revive regional communities and ultimately revive Japan.

With this desire, we have been a pioneer in M&A matching business. Understanding and trust towards M&A as a business alternative, however, are not yet very strong. Hence hereby we commit to build communities in which M&A is a friendly business means. We connect ideas and thoughts of management, employees and their family members by bringing the best M&A to our clients for them to succeed.

We take pride in leading the industry, strive to perfect our services, and make a better world via top-class M&A in Japan and around the world.

“Three Ultimate’s” = Ultimate Compliance, Ultimate Client Satisfaction, Ultimate Service Quality
“Three Thoughts” = Thoughts of Our Clients, Thoughts of Employees of Companies Involved and Their Family Members, Our Thoughts
“Three Connects” = Connecting Companies, Connecting Regions and Communities, Connecting People

Philosophy (rules of behaviour)

The philosophy statement forms the basis for the corporate culture reflecting the purpose statement for adoption by each and every employee in their conduct and decision making processes. Our employees join together in pursuit of the purpose

  1. Utmost respect for our clients
    We have the utmost respect for our clients lives, history and corporate management, supporting them with the highest level of professional partnership and sense of duty.
  2. High viewpoint, broad field of view
    We strive to take a birdseye view from a high point always looking to the future considering both what is best for an individual and what is optimal for overall balance.
  3. Strive without fear of mistakes
    We strive hard and in so doing shall continue to create many innovations which will become market standards.
  4. Fully engage
    Whatever we do we do to the full. Just like when swinging a ball on a string in a full circle, we can achieve what at first might seem to defy gravity.
  5. Best decisions with free and open discussion
    We value diverse opinions and have a lot of debate, then unite to stick by the conclusions.
  6. Keep going until the result is achieved
    We all take ownership of what we do and always work as hard as it takes to achieve the result we have planned.
  7. Learn with modesty and develop
    We have a vigorous curiosity and are fully engaged in our work while offering encouragement to others so that we can continue to grow as individuals and a company.
  8. The right things in the right way
    We are part of society. As individuals and as a company we shall take pride in doing the right things in the right way for our clients.

Announcement of management policies; letters from the president; other

Corporate mission, purpose, aim and the Our way have been established as our universal ways to think. However, we also expect our employees to adjust their behaviour bit by bit as the external environment changes and in response to evolution of management.
At our group at the start of the financial year the top management announces the management plan to all employees. In addition, every month the president distributes a letter (the typical length being ten sides of A4 paper) to all employees in advance of monthly meetings for all employees, in which he outlines his thoughts on business activities which have taken place. The president also explains and shares the basic thinking of management by attending meetings in person.
We adopt certain important parts of the president's letter for use in orientations for new employees.

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