Management principles and corporate objectives

SMEs support the Japanese economy.
In today’s changing domestic markets our mission through M&A activity is to help companies continue and aim for further development of operations, employees and technology
The Nihon M&A Center Group believes it to be important for our employees to act in accordance with common values and general rules. We ensure that our employees are aware that our corporate principles are the basis for the culture of the organization, clarifying how this has a huge influence on all of our business activities.

Management principles

  1. Our mission is to contribute to the continuity and development of companies through M&A.
  2. Through carrying out this mission we seek the mental and physical happiness of our employees.

Corporate objectives

Following our management principles we conduct company business according to the following five standards of behaviour.

  1. We aim to be an integrated management consulting company centred upon M&A and management strategy.
  2. The nature of our business is "social property" and we aim to develop further through raising awareness in society and trust, leading to more customers seeking to benefit from our capabilities.
  3. We have four main aims as a company, which are profitability, stability, growth and sociality. We constantly seek evidence of these in our own company and for our clients.
  4. We always pursue the highest level of service for our clients (M&A skills, quality, trust).
  5. Our company operates with respect for compliance and places high importance on the contribution we make to society.

Employee Way

Benefit for oneself and others

  • Feel work has a meaningful purpose, achieve goals for oneself, one’s family and the company, improve one’s character
  • Work with a sense of mission
  • Strong will to accomplish and action oriented
  • Positive thinking, eagerness to learn, frank
  • Everyone thinks and behaves from the standpoint of top management
  • Law abiding spirit, consciousness of confidentiality
  • Combining independence with collaboration

Announcement of management policies; letters from the president; other

Management principles, corporate objectives and the Employee Way have been established as our universal ways to think. However, we also expect our employees to adjust their behaviour bit by bit as the external environment changes and in response to evolution of management.
At our group at the start of the financial year the top management announces the management plan to all employees. In addition, every month the president distributes a letter (the typical length being ten sides of A4 paper) to all employees in advance of monthly meetings for all employees, in which he outlines his thoughts on business activities which have taken place. The president also explains and shares the basic thinking of management by attending meetings in person.
We adopt certain important parts of the president's letter for use in orientations for new employees.

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