Before establishment

Current Chairman and Founder Yasuhiro Wakebayashi and President Suguru Miyake worked at Olivetti Japan selling computers to accounting firms and regional financial institutions throughout Japan. The current M&A network is based on the network cultivated at that time.
April 1991

Company established

Nihon M&A Center Inc. was established by prominent CPAs and tax accountants nationwide. Accounting offices throughout the country were organized into a network of regional M&A centers. (903 regional M&A centers as of the end-Dec 2019)
May 2000

Network of regional financial institutions

We established a nationwide M&A workshop to expand our network with regional banks (98 tie-ups with regional banks as of the end-Dec. 2019). We also established a business alliance with Shinkin Central Bank, followed by similar alliances with its subsidiary Shinkin Capital and Shinkin banks throughout Japan (218 tie-ups with Shinkin banks as of the end-Dec 2019).
October 2000

Entry into MBO funds

We established Japan Private Equity Co., Ltd. jointly with Japan Asia Investment as an MBO fund business (paid-in capital = ¥60 mn, investment ratio = 36.1%, fund amount = around ¥20 bn).
October 2006

TSE Mothers listing

Shares were listed on the TSE Mothers Stock Exchange on October 10, 2006. It was the first listing of a company in Japan specializing in intermediary M&A services for small- and medium-sized companies.
December 2007

TSE 1st section listing

The company's stock was transferred from TSE Mothers to 1st Section on December 10, 2007 (a year and two months from the listing on the TSE Mothers, which is the fourth fastest transfer), meaning the company became the first M&A intermediary firm to list on the TSE 1st Section.

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