Privacy Policy

Nihon M&A Center Holdings, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and has established the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") to ensure that all employees of the Company are informed of the Policy and that the Policy is implemented.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. in handling personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company shall use the personal information it acquires (excluding information acquired in accordance with (2) and (3) below) for the following purposes.

  • To perform M&A brokerage and advisory services, corporate valuation services, management consulting services, and other services that the Company and its Group may be entrusted with by the Company, its consolidated subsidiaries and equity method affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") as stated in its annual securities reports and other documents (hereinafter referred to as the "Provided Services")
  • Consultation, receipt of applications, sending of materials, responses to inquiries, and communications related to the "Provided Services", as well as seminars and other projects operated by or involving the Company and its group companies
  • To manage the execution and termination of various contracts, as well as the post-merger management after the termination of transactions
  • Appropriate and smooth provision of "Provided Services"

The Company will use personal information obtained from directors, employees and applicants for employment for the following purposes.

  • Recruitment and selection activities of the Company and "the Group" companies
  • Business and employment management and communication with directors, officers and employees (including informal employment offers and retirees)

The Company shall use personal information obtained from shareholders for the following purposes. (specified personal information shall be used within the scope of laws and regulations)

  • Administration of shareholders and exercise of rights and performance of obligations under the Companies Act and other laws and regulations
  • To provide various benefits to shareholders in relation to their status as shareholders
  • Implementation of various measures to facilitate relations with shareholders
  • Responding to inquiries, etc.
  • To appropriately carry out business management operations as "the Group".

In addition to the purposes described in (1) through (3) above, we use the personal information we collect (excluding information collected in accordance with (3) above) for the following purposes.

  • To provide information on the services of the Company, "the Group", and the Company and "the Group"'s business partners
  • To promote and educate the public on M&A and succession of business of the Company and "the Group" companies
  • Public relations and investor relations activities of the Company and its group companies
  • Purposes specified in Paragraph 5 (3)
  • To appropriately carry out the business management operations of "the Group" companies, including the identification and management of various risks

Basic principles regarding acquisition, use and provision to third parties of personal information

Principles when acquiring personal information directly

We will acquire personal information through legal and fair means.

Principles regarding the handling of personal information in the case of outsourcing

Personal information obtained will be strictly managed and used only for the purposes stated at the time of acquisition and within the scope of the purposes of use stipulated in Ⅱ.
We will maintain the confidentiality of personal information and stipulate and comply with the method of handling personal information at the end of the contract.

Principle of Outsourcing Business to Third Parties

We may outsource the handling of personal information to third parties who are obligated to maintain confidentiality with us and "the Group" companies to the extent appropriate for business operations, and we will appropriately supervise such third parties.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information we have obtained to any third party without prior consent of the individual, except as required by law.

Joint use of personal data

We will jointly use personal data as set forth below.

Items of personal data to be shared

Name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name of the company where the person works or holds shares, corporate information regarding the company, position, interests, and other information that can identify a specific individual.

Scope of joint users

  • "the Group"
  • Third parties who provide services or plan seminars, etc. jointly with the Company or "the Group" (including the person who introduced you to the Company when you applied for the service)

Purpose of use

  • Purposes of use of personal information as described in”Ⅱ.
  • To perform M&A brokerage and advisory services, corporate valuation services, management consulting services, and other services incidental thereto, which are performed jointly with the joint users described in (2) above.
  • Provision of services and planning of seminars, etc., as described in (2)(ii) (including confirmation of application information with the introducer in cases where the introducer is notified at the time of application).

Name of party responsible for the management of personal data

Nihon M&A Center Holdings, Inc.
Representative Director and President
Suguru Miyake

Appropriate management of personal information

We will endeavor to keep personal information acquired by us accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes for which it is used.
We will take reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
We will appoint a person in charge of handling personal information, and will take appropriate action in response to updates, corrections, storage, complaints, and other inquiries we receive regarding personal information.

Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program

We will formulate and promote a personal information protection compliance program, which will be periodically reviewed for continual improvement.

April 1, 2022

This English version is for reference only.
If there is a conflict between these two versions, the Japanese version shall take precedence.

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