Privacy Policy

The Nihon M&A Center is aware of the importance of protecting personal information and has thus established this policy, which is thoroughly communicated to all employees and consistently implemented.

Purpose of using personal information

Personal information that we collect will be used for the following purposes:

  • carry out M&A brokerage and advisory services, company evaluation work, and management consulting work that we undertake
  • To perform various kinds of consultation and application reception services associated with the aforementioned work and seminars that we manage, to forward informational materials, and to answer questions
  • To introduce services that we and our business partners offer in connection with the aforementioned work, to perform in-house investigations, and to create research materials
  • Our employment screening activities
  • Our and our group's public relations and IR activities

Basic principles regarding personal information collection, use, and disclosure to third parties

Principle regarding the direct collection of personal information

  • With the principal's (individual's) consent, we will collect information through legal and honest means.

Principles regarding the handling of personal information when work is undertaken

  • We will strictly control personal information that we have received and will use it for purposes that are within the scope of the contract.
  • We will maintain the confidentiality of personal information, and will establish and adhere to a method of disposing of personal information when contracts are completed.

Principle regarding outsourcing work to third parties

  • Within appropriate limits in connection with our business operations, we may outsource work involving the handling of personal information to businesses with whom we have concluded a confidentiality agreement. In such cases, we will appropriately supervise said businesses.

Principle regarding the disclosure and provision of personal information

  • Without the consent of the principal, personal information that is collected will not be disclosed or provided to third parties in violation of the law or against the spirit of the law.

Appropriate management of personal information

  • When we collect personal information, we strive to maintain it correctly and up to date within limits necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • We implement rational safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage of personal data.
  • We assign a person to be in charge of handling personal information, which enables us to appropriately respond to matters related to personal information updates, corrections, storage, and other inquiries.

Continuous improvement of compliance program

We will formulate and promote a personal information protection compliance program, periodically reexamine it, and strive to make continuous improvements.

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